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At Bijan Optical we work to help you find the best lenses for YOU! To do that we need to make sure you know about all of your options! One type of lenses you may not have heard about before are transition lenses! Although they can be a little pricier than your everyday lenses, they are a great investment for a number of reasons. But first let’s answer some questions that are probably running through your mind right about now…

What are transition lenses?

Transitions are prescription lenses with special photochromic dyes, which are activated and deactivated by ultraviolet UV sun rays. When contact with UV light increases the lenses darken offering protection from the sun– relative to your exposure! When the UV exposure ceases the lenses return to being your normal clear lenses!

What are the benefits?

Transition glasses can be economical and environmentally friendly all the while protecting your eyes! By darkening due to UV exposure your transition lenses function as sunglasses, protecting your eyes from the sun–without needing two separate pairs of glasses–they’re both in one (pretty awesome right?) By investing in one pair of glasses with transition lenses you’re protecting your eyes and can save money rather than getting a pair of glasses and an additional pair of sunglasses!

Talk to the team at Bijan Optical for additional information and questions! We’re happy to help 🙂


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