Should I Get Blue Light Lenses?


Should you get blue light lenses? We’re pretty sure everyone’s heard the hype about blue light lenses lately… and it’s fair to say it can be
hard distinguishing the rumours from the facts! At Bijan Optical we are here to set the record

What is blue light?
Blue light is a light that has shorter wavelengths and a higher frequency compared to other light
colours! It’s emitted by electronic devices such as computers, phones or tablets. Due to its
unique wavelengths and frequencies, long-term exposure to blue light (i.e. sitting in front of a
computer for hours at a time) can eventually lead to eyestrain and can sometimes make it more
challenging to fall asleep.

What are blue light lenses?
Let’s break it down! Blue light lenses are essentially lenses with a special coating—that coating
filters out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices, protecting your eyes
during long periods of exposure!
Is blue light coating expensive?

Blue lighting coating doesn’t have to break the bank—in fact it can be quite comparable with
regular lenses! Talk to us at Bijan Optical, to find the best lenses for your lifestyle!


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