MiyoSmart Lenses


MiyoSmart lenses are one of the most recent additions to the lens market–developed to slow myopia (near-sightedness) they may be the right choice for your child. Around the world the number of children suffering from near-sightedness has been increasing at an alarming rate, so it is only natural that new technologies be developed to combat this. This myopia increase in children can be linked to a number of factors including the increase in nea-work activities, or activities that require focus close up such as using digital devices, studying, and reading coupled with limited time spent outdoors. 

Myopia is the result of a refractive error: making points in the distance appear blurry, and closer objects appear clear. 

Although myopia can be mitigated through normal single vision lenses they do not prevent it from worsening (the growth of the eye’s axial length). As Myopia can cause more long-term vision challenges as it worsens it is crucial to take preventative, slowing measures early on. 

Hoya’s MiyoSmart lenses work by focusing direct light (in the clear zone) precisely on the retina (providing clear distance vision), while focusing light from the peripherals in front of the retina, this peripheral light is altered by the “ring shape” (treatment zone) on the lens signaling the eye to slow down its growth, slowing myopia progression.




MiyoSmart lenses also feature UV protection, are resistant to impact (perfect for children), and an easy, non invasive solution for your child.

Contact us at Bijan Optical to find the right solutions for you and your child!


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