Coloured Contact Lenses

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With Halloween around the corner you might find yourself curious about coloured contact lenses or maybe just contacts in general! Contact lenses can be a great tool for changing your look or even just for convenience!

Before you get overwhelmed by the wide range of options available to you let’s understand what contact lenses are!

Contact lenses are considered a medical device so it is very important that they are treated as such! That means you must have an up-to-date contact lens prescription, a fitting, and training before getting them!

As with a regular eye prescription, it is good practice to update your contact lens prescription yearly. Once you’ve made sure that your prescription is up to date, and you’ve booked your contact lens training and fitting is when the fun begins! At your fitting you will be assessed to find the best option for you and your needs! You will then get a set of trials! If you’re happy with the trials, then it’s time to order! 

Wearing contact lenses can be a practical choice (maybe you just don’t like the feeling of glasses on your face!) or cosmetic choice! You can get everyday contact lenses to help correct your vision – but you can also get coloured contacts! 

Talk to our team at Bijan Optical to learn more and get started on your contact lens journey!


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